The Lightino have 8 RGB LEDs, and they stay vertical to the bearing center. So the led at the top has a higher angular velocity than the one at the bottom.

As a reminder, Angular velocity is the rate of change of angular position of a rotating body.

If we illuminate all the LEDs say for ten milliseconds, a triangular shape occurs. (not a straight line). The led at the top most has to travel more distance in defined period which is ten milliseconds here.

The challenge here is to develop a code block to correct this error. We have to illuminate top LEDs less than the LEDs at the bottom. You can comment your solutions

The code to generate this pattern is like below.


//Lightino is an open source project develop by MakerStorage LLC.
//It is a STEM & EdTech. fidget spinner for students to learn code.
//Please contrubute and suport this project at

#define BLUE  A1
#define RED   A0
#define GREEN A2
#define LED1 9
#define LED2 8
#define LED3 7
#define LED4 6
#define LED5 5
#define LED6 4
#define LED7 3
#define LED8 2
#define SENSOR A10

uint8_t led_anodes[] = {LED8, LED7, LED6, LED5, LED4, LED3, LED2, LED1};
uint8_t led_cathodes[] = {GREEN, RED, BLUE};

void setup() {

 // Serial.begin(9600);
 //  while (!Serial) ;
  TXLED0;// on board leds off
  pinMode(RED, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(BLUE, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(GREEN, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(LED8, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LED7, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LED6, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LED5, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LED4, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LED3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LED2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LED1, OUTPUT);

   // default off
  digitalWrite(RED, LOW);
  digitalWrite(BLUE, LOW);;
  digitalWrite(GREEN, LOW); 
  digitalWrite(LED1, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED2, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED3, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED4, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED5, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED6, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED7, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LED1, LOW);


void loop() {

int QRE_Value = analogRead(SENSOR); //read optical sensor it is analog

if (QRE_Value > 900) { //sensor trigered


} else {




void AllLedsON() {
digitalWrite(led_cathodes[0], LOW);
digitalWrite(led_cathodes[0], LOW);
digitalWrite(led_cathodes[2], HIGH);
for (int i = 8 ; i-- > 0 ; ){
  digitalWrite(led_anodes[i], 1);     


void AllLedsOFF() {
digitalWrite(led_cathodes[0], LOW);
digitalWrite(led_cathodes[0], LOW);
digitalWrite(led_cathodes[2], LOW);

for (int i = 8 ; i-- > 0 ; ){
 digitalWrite(led_anodes[i], 0);