In this page, I will document the hardware components of the Lightino project. You can always suggest changes on hardware design. Please comment if you have an idea of improvement.

Here is the schematics of the Lightino V3. You can find the source files in MakerStorage Github Repo.

Optical Rotation Sensor

The optical sensor we used in the Lightino V3 is QRE1113 This IR sensor is used for analog output which will vary depending on the amount of IR light reflected back to the sensor.  The  QRE1113 IR reflectance sensor is composed of two parts – an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. When the light from the LED is reflected back onto the phototransistor, the output will begin to go lower.

Battery or Super Capacitor

We will write more about this later.


We have 8 RGB LEDs on the board. Please take a look at the schematics to learn more about how we change colors. We get this idea from Adafruit Pov Project.

If you like to make the first led on in color red, you have to make LED-A-1 and LED-C-RED high.This way you can let the electricity flow through the first LED. The Same principle applies to all LEDs. You have to make the color pin and the LED pin on to illuminate that led in the desired color.

Pro Micro

Using a pro micro directly on the board is the most critical decision for the project. We prototype many other versions but seeing something you know on a fidget spinner makes you smile. This is the popularity of the Arduino project. We are pleased with this choice.